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Outdoor awnings are used to protect your windows from the sun or to provide shelter and shade when outdoors. The most effective method of insulating your home or office in the summer is to stop the sun hitting the windows or glass. Awnings are the perfect solution, will last years and add value to your home or office complex.

Ziptrak® Blinds

Ziptrak cafe and alfresco blinds are perfect for creating outside entertaining areas or enhancing cafes, restaurants and shops.

Ziptrak’s sealed blind system connects your indoor and outdoor areas while providing full protection from the weather, insects, dust and glare. They have no zippers, no ropes or pulleys, no buckles or straps, no flapping, no gaps and no struggle.

Automatic Sun Blinds

Automatic sun blinds have become more popular in recent times, and are the most economical way to provide exterior shade on your windows.

The automatic sun blind operates on a track system, allowing the blind to be easily adjusted. This is the most resistant system against bad weather or rain. They are motorised, so you can adjust them from inside your home with the click of a button. The track system also allows you to choose how far you would like the blinds opened, giving you the option of letting in some natural light if desired.

Fixed Guide Blinds

The upstairs automatic sun blind for outside windows.

Ideal for upper story applications where the windows are out of reach, these blinds operate on guide bars which as their name suggests are permanently fixed. Fixed guide blinds are the most effective and economical sun shade when you’re above the ground floor.

The blinds are operated by gear and rope mechanisms. Motorisation of these blinds is also an option for moving the awnings up and down remotely.

Folding Arm Awnings

To keep your house cool during Summer, stop the sun before it reaches your windows. Folding arm awnings provide this kind of protection from the sun.

Our folding arm awnings come in a range of different styles, so you can choose one that suits your home and your needs. For ease of use, the awnings can be motorised – you can choose to control them by remote, or automatically with a sun and wind sensor.

We have a wide range of retractable folding arm awning for patios, decking and courtyards. Our awnings have heavy duty folding arms and powerful springs which enable excellent fabric tension.

This folding arm awning can be angled for maximum shade and can also be equipped with an aluminium hood or full cassette to protect the fabric from the elements.

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